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UNEED Pack, established in Guangzhou Economic Development Zone in 2014, is a technology company specializing in post-packaging solutions and hardware equipment, integrating R&D, production and after-sales. Since its establishment, our solutions and products have been widely used in pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food and beverage and electronic products industries. We have served more than 300 companies, with mature product systems and extremely valuable production and after-sales experience.

Our U7 series instant printing labeling machine responds to the development trend of international industry 4.0, integrates intelligent control into one, and has passed CE related certification and is exported to overseas.

At present our main products include: 1.Labeling machine 2.Trapping label machine 3.Capping machine 4.Spray code traceable source 5.Transport 6.Boxed box 7.Stacking  8.Vision inspection systems

We have always been committed to the "excellent precision" mission, adhering to the "exclusive" service concept, designed to provide easy and efficient packaging solutions for different packaging products. Help the company to "solve" the needs of packaging and improve the customer experience.

We have established a one-stop sales service system that not only provides product design, manufacturing, sales, but also provides related services such as technical services, maintenance services, and training services. To help customers optimize production more efficiently, efficiently and economically, it is truly saving people, saving money and worrying.


UNEED Pack9570APP下载,2014年成立于广州经济开发区,是一家专注于后段包装解决方案和硬件设备,集研发、生产、售后于一体的科技公司。


目前我们的主要产品包括:①贴标机   ②套标机   ③旋盖机   ④喷码溯源   ⑤输送   ⑥装盒装箱   ⑦码垛   ⑧视觉检测